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Terminus - Free download2018-02-10

Finally you can download for free what used to be the the closing jingle of a radio show called Terminus.   read more »

Laurie Anderson - Only an expert (Sir Joe Huge Waves Tribal Mix)2018-02-03

As I said in a previous post, in the next weeks I'm going to upload some remixes that I've done over the last 5 years. This one has Lou Reed on guitars.  read more »

Covers on Youtube2018-01-31

One of the good things of Youtube is that now it is possible to upload covers and remixes without infringing any copyright, or risking major legal issues, in general.  read more »

Club mix on Youtube2018-01-30

Although I'm not a professional DJ, some time ago I decided to test myself and I compiled a mix with some of the songs I really enjoyed at the time.  read more »

Where do I stand now?2018-01-26

When I started making music, in 1994, the world was a very different place. Internet was available to only few privileged people, so the only way to get noticed was to send your stuff to record companies, or get to know the right people.   read more »

Another new song: "In denial"2018-01-25

I went back to my synth-pop roots with this one and, as usual, I made my life difficult with intricate vocals which go up and down the scale every second :-)  read more »

New song ... finally!2018-01-10

Hi there! It's been a while, but eventually I've decided to release some new and old stuff. Let's start with a little tune that I've just composed while playing with version 10 of Propellerhead Reason.  read more »

Happy New Year!2016-01-08

Dear all, with few days delay I send you my best wishes for the new year. Although Sir Joe has been silent in 2015, Sergio has been very active and has learned a lot. Once again, happy new year! Stay healthy, and never believe in what you see. Cheers.

All is fine :-)2015-02-10

To reassure once again all those who contacted me after the publication of my latest newsletter, few weeks ago, I wish to confirm that all is fine with me.   read more »

Sir Joe monograph on Cut Radio2014-12-08

Mauro Sabbione used to play keyboards in the great Italian band Matia Bazar, and wrote some of their best songs.  read more »

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