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New song: Alone2019-04-01

I wanted this track to be dark and minimal at the beginning and then 'open' in the second part, to shrink back in the finale. I hope I have achieved it  read more »

New Instrumental track: Lollipop2018-12-29

Hi there, I decided to end the year by composing and recording a cheerful instrumental tune.   read more »

New track - Floating2018-11-19

Not that new, actually, since I recorded it more than 10 years ago. It was more an exercise to put together different elements and see what happened, but the result was rather pleasant.  read more »

Standing Shadows - One Way Ride (sir Joe remix)2018-07-18

Here is another remix from some years ago. This one was for the L.A. band Standing Shadows  read more »

New old song: Keep it simple2018-05-17

I decided to upload on SoundCloud one of the songs I recorded between the release of The Observer and Universal Laws  read more »

New Remix: V.e.N - Nothing remains2018-03-06

Today is the birthday of my good friend Balázs Frank, aka Virtual Explorer of Noise, so I think this is a good excuse to upload the remix I did some time ago of his song "Nothing Remains"   read more »

Terminus - Free download2018-02-10

Finally you can download for free what used to be the the closing jingle of a radio show called Terminus.   read more »

Laurie Anderson - Only an expert (Sir Joe Huge Waves Tribal Mix)2018-02-03

As I said in a previous post, in the next weeks I'm going to upload some remixes that I've done over the last 5 years. This one has Lou Reed on guitars.  read more »

Covers on Youtube2018-01-31

One of the good things of Youtube is that now it is possible to upload covers and remixes without infringing any copyright, or risking major legal issues, in general.  read more »

Club mix on Youtube2018-01-30

Although I'm not a professional DJ, some time ago I decided to test myself and I compiled a mix with some of the songs I really enjoyed at the time.  read more »

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