It all started in 1994, shortly after I moved to Connecticut for working reasons. The cold New England winter and the fact that most of my friends were in Italy meant that I had plenty of time in my hands to spend at home. I didn't want to waste this opportunity so I went to a music shop in East Hartford and I bought an Ensoniq SQ1 workstation, a Fostex 4 tracks recorder, a cheap microphone and an effect box.

I had been writing songs since I was 16 but that was the first time I had the chance to turn what I had in my mind into something people could actually hear. Would I be able to create something meaningful in musical terms? Would I be able to sing? Without any musical education to support me, these were very challenging tasks but the positive feedback I received from my friends encouraged me to proceed with what had already become my favourite hobby.

Having recorded about 50 songs with this set up, the year 2000 saw the big switch from analog to digital, which ironically coincided with another relocation, this time to Munich. The "undo" function was a godsend indeed and, in general, the much greater flexibility offered by the digital environment allowed for a big improvement in the quality of my recordings and I finally freed myself from the limitation of the SQ1 in the choice of sounds.

Having said that, I must admit that the "analog period" was very instructive because the restrictions imposed by my tools forced me to “squeeze” all I could from them, allowing me to learn a lot about recording, mixing and so on.

Ninety or so songs later, it was again the encouragement of my friends which convinced me to "come out" and start the Sir Joe project (by the way, I picked this artist name because it sounds very similar to how the English speaking people pronounce my first name). When the British magazine Future Music featured "The sign of Virgo" in their June 2008 issue, I decided it was worth to try releasing an album commercially, so I started to write the songs which ended up in my album "The Observer", which was released 3 years later by Calembour Records. It was followd by "Universal Laws", released on September 2013 by ScentAir Records. The album has been received very well, and the opening track 'End of the line' Has won a music award at The Akademia.